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My First Day of College

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

On 14 Aug 2019,

My first day of college was an unexpected one for me. As an introvert, it was supposed to be difficult for me, but it turned out to be something else. The first day of college, it was a new experience, full of excitement and a fear about what type of people I will meet, will I able to adjust with the people and making new friends.

First day of anything always has great importance in everyone’s life. Whether its first day of your school, college or your job. It signifies the beginning of a new journey.

When I entered the campus, I wondered,’ I surely deserve better. Where have I come!!’. So, the first feeling that I get after entering our campus is a disappointment. Well, I thought something good will happen next. Then I started looking for my classroom. One aunty was sitting there. So, I go to her and ask “Aunty B. Tech 1st Year Classroom?” then she says, “On 2nd floor in front of the library” based on the way she looked, I thought she is a peon of our college. Later on, I got to know that she is a professor for our python class.

When I was entering our classroom, I got nervous and some mixed feelings rushed in after seeing all new faces. And I grab the 3rd last bench. The biggest difference I saw there in school VS college is that, in school we always used to start sitting from the first benches in contrast in college everyone has started sitting from the last bench.

So, I got my first friends. We gave intros to each other. It was good I mean I am an introvert but still, I easily opened up there. Then we started talking about lots of stuff and in between suddenly a beautiful girl entered our class and everyone(boys) in the class is looking at her as she walks. And she sat in my left sides row. She was damn pretty! and we can say that, she was my first day crush. I was like “Arey yaha mai pighal gaya”

Then College starts and all the teachers came in and that peon one also. Their intros start, then they start telling us about college, discipline, Academics. For about an hour they bored us. After that, they gave us a breath of bliss- A 10 mins break. But, at that time we were not aware that the Bahubali was yet to come.

And there he comes in, Our VC sir. Again, he gives us a lecture on college then his life, his achievements bla...bla...bla. He literally bored us for another 2 hours (P.s - not bored he tortured us). No one wants to hear that yar. We know every class has at least one braggart person. He started asking silly questions to VC sir. Like Mr. know-it-all types. After that everyone started screaming “bhai bs kr ab” and then VC sir’s incredibly inspiring (Lol) session ends.

After that, seeing everyone’s tired faces our teachers started some fun games. Then they started picking random students to give their intros and showing off their talents and stuff. “Yaha meri fatt gayi” Everyone had given their intros in full fledge English. And at that time my English is on its #UmarAkmal phase. So, I am Lil bit afraid. I prayed to god “They won’t pick me up”. And I have faith in God so he helps me for the next 1 hour. By then, the first-day of college was to get over. But in my fate as we say, something different was written. As we all were having a lot of fun, they increase first-day college timings by half an hour. And suddenly they called me “Hey you, that green shirt kabse udhar hans raha hai”. I woke up and went ahead and started giving my intro. I still don’t remember what I had spoken. I just do remember that my feet were staggering at that time. And after that, we leave the college and were back to our hostel!

It was an unexpected day, I had fun, made some really good new friends and created a lot of memories.

Until then,

Stay Safe!

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