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First Heartbreak

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Most of us experience our first heartbreak in-between the age of 13-19 or early '20s. I also had to unfortunately experience it... so, I am sharing my story with you guys.

ok, so I am writing on this...

It was February 11, 2019. It was a bright and sunny day. And the last day of my school life, 12th Farewell. At that time my board exams were just 10 days away and still my studies are not completed. basically, I was Vella kind of a person so I didn't care much about the exams. but we all know that time we have the pressure from our parents and society. We are stressed about getting bad marks. But still we never say no to romance.

Ok, so I was just leaving college to go see my girlfriend back home. We just spent the weekend together. We had our best time and made sweet love to each other for hours. About five hours later, after dropping my stuff off at home and saying hello to my parents, I got on the bike and drove over to her house. I parked and walked up the 13 steps to her door. I knocked, and she opened the door, stepped out, and closed it behind her. She escorted me back down the stairs, which I thought was really weird, but you know, I was just so happy to see her.

She didn’t even say hello. Her stiffer voice greeted me with these exact words: “I think we need to see other people.” I struggled to understand what exactly was going on, not because I didn’t understand, but because I didn’t believe what I was hearing, and that slowed my perception down immensely. Then she handed my high school class ring, minus the gold yarn that she’d put on it to make it fit her finger. The moment I saw it, it looked like me without her. I searched those ice-cold eyes looking for my girlfriend, but she was nowhere to be found. A cold and callous stranger had taken her place. I said that I didn’t want the ring, and she unwillingly took it from me and showed the only emotion she’d show until the end of the night. I hated the look she gave me. She pitied me.

I remember she asked if I wanted to go out that night, and because I was in a fog, I said yes. I don’t know what I did for the next few hours, because by then I was on automatic pilot, but I remember arriving at my girlfriend, ahem, my ex’s house later that night. She looked so beautiful like she was rubbing my face in what I was losing!

We went to chai tapari a café in Nashik where we met for the first time. She called her best friend also and later on he became her next boyfriend! But that time as she told me they were just BFF's. I just wanted her to love me again, but I didn’t know the words that could make that happen. I prayed to God for help, and right at that moment, “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago came on the radio. God played a breakup song, just for us. Hearing that song at that exact moment told me that we were done forever. I lay my head on her shoulder, and I pretended that we still felt close to each other, and I tried hard to believe the lie so that I would remember how it felt. I do still remember how it felt.

After the song was over, I knew it was time to go. I stand up, leaned in and I said “Goodbye, (took her name)” She glared at me in silent anger with a look that said Fuck Off! I retreated to my bike, and I got in and drove off, crying like a little girl. I don’t remember anything else until about a week later. She and I never spoke again.

My heart was broken for the first time.

Heartbreaks are difficult but overcoming them is another difficult task.

Want to know more about my story on how I dealt with this heart wrenching heartbreak?

How I dealt with the hard feelings and emotion?

Stay tuned for the second part of MY FIRST HEARTBREAK…...(coming soon….!) where ill be sharing with you all the hard phases which everyone goes thorough during this difficult time.

Until then,

Stay safe.

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