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Being Introvert

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

People ask that being an introvert is good or bad? I'll rather say, being an introvert is good or dumb!!

It depends on the situation that you are going through!

Me being an introvert, I can certify that having an introvert personality has more pros than cons. But it doesn’t always go this way, sometimes small cons also can hit you hard.

We Introverts are selectively social. So, this fact saves us from unwanted drama and gossips. We don’t have huge friend circle, none of which would come to us at the time of need. But we have those two friends who we know and can count on for anything. Stereo-typically, introverts are known to practice and preach silence, and I couldn’t agree more. In silence we find bliss, and in silence we introspect. With our limited number of friends and social interaction, we find loads of time to introspect- and that wonderfully adds onto our knowledge of ourselves, hence making us self-aware individuals. We’re wallflowers; we see stuff, and we understand them too.

So yes, being an introvert is wonderful.

But these pros can be a nightmare sometimes. Like if you choose to be silent instead of speaking up, it will become a disadvantage rather than being helpful! I have a story to share with you guys about this.

So, during the sports week of our college, we had to make a cricket team of our batch for inter college cricket tournament and just a few days back, I had led and represented our college cricket team in another college's cricket tournament and we were runner up there. So, I stepped forward for making of our cricket team. Then, we made a team and everything was going well. As time went by the date when the cricket tournament was supposed to be held came closer, it gave rise to a number of issue and conflicts between the team players. In those rising arguments, everyone demanded a specific place and task in the team and no one was ready to settle for anything less than what they wanted. Due to these issues I had to back off and give my original position to the other players wanting that. In INDIA, we say that "jiski bat uski batting"(the one who owns the bat will bat first) but in my case "jiski bat use chodke sabki batting"(everyone got to bat except the one who actually owns it) then finally on the actual day of the tournament, every player entered the grounds and completed their task according to their will and me on the other hand being the Vice-Captain was left only as a spectator. But eventually as the match proceeded, we got very low scores and eventually we lost the match miserably.

Before the actual tournament I was the one who used to bring them all the needed equipment’s for the game be it the bat or the whole cricket kit, it was me who helped them practice and build strategies. And still me being the VC of the team what I got, just because I choose to be silent was just not acceptable.

When someone asks you for a favor and if it goes against your interest and demand’s your stepping back for that, then just simply say ‘NO’. If you say yes instead of saying no you will later on regret that and will have to live with burden of guilt at least for some time.

Don’t just choose to be silent, Start Speaking up for yourself.

As Lord Krishna Said:

संसार मै इत्नि विपदाऍ इसिलिय आइ क्यु कि, मनुश्य उस्का विरोध नहि कर पाया ।

यदि मौन रेह्न सश्त्र है तोह उस्क सहि समय पर उपयोग करना भि अनिवर्य है ।

Which translates as:

Many disasters happen in this world because a man fails to oppose the situation.

If remaining silent is considered as a weapon, then it is also necessary to use it at the right time.

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