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Meditation and Spirituality

Meditation is the art of practicing techniques such as mindfulness and breathwork to help train your mind to be calm and be in a stable state. For ages, Asian meditative techniques have to other cultures where they have found application in non-spiritual sectors like business and health. Meditation serves those who seek mindfulness, service, and sense of purpose in life. It has proven to reduce stress levels and keep your mind calm. It helps an individual to know their emotions better.

The meaning of Spirituality may vary from person to person, for some it may be visiting a mosque, church, or temple. But, for some, it can be attained by doing yoga, meditation, or Vedic practices. Traditionally, spirituality was defined as a religious practice of reformation or getting closer to God but as time passed it was rephrased according to one's own belief. Spirituality leads to better health, less depressed feelings, and more positive thoughts

Choose what works for you...?

1. Mindfulness Meditation: A type of meditation where you focus on your thoughts and what goes on in your mind. You don't deeply engage with any of your thoughts rather you just let them pass.


2. Spiritual Meditation: A type of meditation where you recite prayer or mantras it is helpful for those who consider spirituality as a religious practice like going to a place of worship

3. Mantra Meditation: Mantra Meditation is a type where you repeatedly chant mantras which involve the attention of your senses. The chanting keeps your mind, ears at alert as you speak, or chant the mantras.

4. Visualization: Visualization is the practice of imagining a scenario in your head which collectively helps your imagination power and thoughtfulness.

5. Breathwork: Here, you mainly focus on your breath and the oxygen that you take in as you breathe. You focus on how the air flows through your body and fills your lungs.


STEP 1 : 

Start by choosing(mentioned above) which type of meditational practise would you prefer that will suit your lifestyle and will help you reach your mental and physical fitness goals.

STEP 2 : 

Next, you can either sit or lie down comfortably in a space where you have fewer disturbances and can concentrate easily. You can even try meditation music to help you concentrate.

STEP 3 : 

Now, close your eyes and start focusing on the way you breathe. Don't force your actions just let your breath and thoughts flow freely. Focus on how air flows through your body and its every vital organ

STEP 4 :

You can now start your chosen meditation practise with the help of videos and feed given below. Make sure your mind doesn't wander off. You can end your meditation session by simply breathing in and out.

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